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Skrevet af: Morten Skou - 24. april 2019 - kl. 17:38
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Ubisoft har i dag annonceret at den første episode af den anden omgang indhold til deres flotte spil nu er tilgængelig på alle platforme.

The Fate of Atlantis er den anden og af i alt to udvidelsespakker til Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, og består af i alt tre forskellige episoder: Fields of Elysium, Torment of Hades og Hudgment of Atlantis - hvoraf den første altså er udkommet i dag. De to næste episoder skulle eftersigende komme med cirka seks ugers mellemrum.

Som du måske har luret, så handler The Fate of Atlantis historien om den sagnomspundne sunkne by Atlantis.

Fields of Elysium introduces players to the paradise of Elysium, an otherworldly realm of luscious growth and no conflict, ruled by the goddess Persephone. As the story unfolds, players uncover its sinister secrets while trying to unlock the power of the Staff of Hermes to find a way out of Elysium. Helping Hermes, Persephone's friend Hekate as well as the human Adonis, players uncover the true nature of Elysium as it inevitably descends into civil war.

Hver af de tre episoder kommer til at introducere forskellige forbedringer til de tre grene af skilltræet: Hunter, Warrior og Assassin. I den første episode vil man som spiller finde fire nye egenskaber:

Ares Bull Charge is part of the Warrior branch of the skill tree and will summon a projectile that takes the form of a bull charging forward. The projectile knocks down any enemy it hits and pierces through them.

Ares Madness, also part of the Warrior branch of the skill tree, will allow players to have a new fighting set that overpowers their enemies for a short period of time.

Might of Artemis is part of the Hunter branch of the skill tree. Enemies, when hit by the stun, automatically take critical damage from any subsequent melee attack for the duration of the stun.

Kronos Time Warp is part of the Assassin branch of the skill tree. This ability will grant each headshot additional slow-down time and higher damage, which is perfect for fighting enemies

I forbindelse med annonceringen, så fortæller Ubisoft, at man som spiller har to forskellige muligheder for at komme til at spille fields of Elysium:
Following the main game, players will have to complete the questline Between Two Worlds, the mythological main game story arc, and Heir of Memories, the Lost Tales of Greece questline that is available after completing the former questline. Finally, they must have reached character level 28 or above.

Otherwise, players will be able to use a shortcut created specifically for those who would like to play The Fate of Atlantis and who do not fulfill all the above conditions. Thanks to this shortcut, players will enter Greece level 52 with preset abilities and resources enabling them to start their adventure into the afterlife with the Lost Tales of Greece questline Heir of Memories. They will also have the opportunity to choose their hero. However, contrary to the previous option, player progression using the shortcut will not carry over to the main game save, and they will not be able to obtain achievements.

The Fate of Atlantis kan hentes hvis du allerede har købt Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Season Pass som koster cirka 40 euro, eller hvis du særskilt køber The Fate of Atlantis historien som koster godt og vel 25 euro.
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