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Pure Football - Fifa Street På Dope.?

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Pure Football - Fifa Street På Dope.?

Indlægaf Bennojensen » 15. maj 2010 23:44



Releasedato: torsdag 27 maj, 2010

The life of the modern professional footballer is one of status, success, and celebrity. Yet there is a group of elite players who are prepared to risk everything to participate in something more. They want the beautiful game in its purest form, 5-a-side football played on the very edge, where the rules are decided by those who take part, not by a referee.

It is here that the players are free to play, here that they feel most alive, here that they are first and foremost footballers... "Pure Footballers".

# No offsides, no red or yellow cards... just an intense non-stop football experience. Only by playing too aggressively at the expense of good football will you be penalized.
# Take advantage of a huge array of offensive and defensive physical moves including slide tackles, upright tackles, shoulder barging, contested headers, off-the-ball tussles and more...
# See what the players see with the camera close in behind them, looking up the pitch.
# Feel the power and intense bursts of speed of the world's finest players - all supported with VFX such as motion-blur, slo-mo and camera shakes. All this gives you the feeling that you're actually playing football rather than sitting in the stands or in-front of a TV broadcast.
# Take Aim - Take full control of your shots and watch them curl into the top corner or bullet past the goalkeeper.
# Pure Shots - Unique presentation and control for perfectly struck shots
# Cool volleys, bicycle kicks and trick animations are all authentic to real football but can be triggered with a level of frequency not seen in the professional game.
# 230 elite players, 17 top International teams and 3 legend teams.
# These fine athletes tangibly feel different to one another, with attributes that really exaggerate differences in the speed, the strength and the skills of their real-life counterparts.
# Get yourself known and respected as a player both offline and online:
# Campaign Mode - Create and take your player into the Pure Football world, then impress and recruit the world's greatest players to your team, ultimately travelling to Africa... where the best Pure Football team will be decided.
# Leaderboards - See how you rank against your friends, other players in your city, region, country or the whole world.

Vil gerne høre jeres meninger om dette spil da jeg syntes det er lidt mærkeligt :).?
im huge in japan
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Indlægaf Whitehartdane » 21. maj 2010 20:42

Ser da meget fedt ud.. Men lidt svært at bedømme. Det koster ikke ikke mere end et par hundrede kr. Og det tegner måske ikke helt godt....
‘It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.’

COYS - To Dare Is To Do !
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Indlægaf CaptainKicker » 21. maj 2010 21:48

Jeg synes det virker fedt, og har også forudbestilt det hos TheHut. Glæder mig til at det kommer. :)
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By: Silkeborg

Indlægaf heinstach » 21. maj 2010 21:58

Synes også umiddelbart, at det ser ud til at have et vist potentiale.

Og uanset hvad, så godt med mere konkurrence på fodboldspilområdet!
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By: Aalborg

Indlægaf fr1lund » 21. maj 2010 23:00

Elskede Fifa Street 2, så ja det kunne da være noget :)
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Indlægaf CaptainKicker » 24. maj 2010 19:13

Lidt ærgerligt at de har skubbet release datoen med 4 dage..
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By: Silkeborg

Indlægaf makta » 24. maj 2010 19:17

Ha-ha, jeg ved ikke hvorfor, men det virker lidt dumt, når han siger PEGI 3 ... Som om en 2-årig ville finde på at spille det :)
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Indlægaf CaptainKicker » 24. maj 2010 19:24

makta skrev:Ha-ha, jeg ved ikke hvorfor, men det virker lidt dumt, når han siger PEGI 3 ... Som om en 2-årig ville finde på at spille det :)

Tja, men det skal stadig står der.
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By: Silkeborg

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