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Nyt Trials spil , Trails Rising

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Nyt Trials spil , Trails Rising

Indlægaf JohnH » 23. aug 2018 07:08

Kommer til Februar, men betatest i September

Tandem mode lyder rigtig underholdende :lol:

Tandem Tomfoolery

Are two heads really better than one? You can test this theory on Trial Rising’s diabolically fun tandem bike. Two local players can hop on this motorcycle monstrosity and attempt to co-operatively steer it through any track. Communication is key, as the players share control over the bike. Gassing, braking, and leaning must be done in tandem or the bike may not respond. Sounds extra tough for newbies, but it’s rip-roaringly fun for vets. ... ls-rising/
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By: Eastcoast , Køge

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